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Brasile ospiterà? Basta dare loro il campionato adesso!

October 31, 2007 12:21 am

(Brazil will host? Just give them the championship now!)

With World Cup 2010 still ahead of us, FIFA has announced that Brazil will host World Cup 2014.

Already, I’ve accepted the fact that the host nation will be among the favorites, and that a South American team – maybe not Brazil, but some South American team – will most likely win the tournament.

While only one South American team has ever won a World Cup on European soil (Brazil won the ’58 World Cup in Sweden. Ugh.), NO European team has ever won a World Cup in South America.

That’s not exactly encouraging for our Azzurri, even though the tournament is still seven years out. While I’m confident that we’ll have a strong squad (lead by Quagliarella in front and Chiellini in the back?), history might be too much to overcome.

(How great would it be though, if Italia could snatch one from South America? Miracolosa!)

Still, if we’re talking about history’s impact on the future, one must remember that since 1970, Italy has made the final every 12 years. Coincidentally, England, and several other European countries are making a run at hosting in 2018, which is *drum roll* exactly 12 years from the epic summer of 2006.

So, if not 2010, then 2014, and if not 2014, then 2018!

Sempre Forza Azzurri!

Cassano! Che successo a Catania?

October 29, 2007 7:30 pm

(Cassano! What happened in Catania?)

At Stadio Massimino this weekend, during Sampdoria’s loss to Catania, Antonio Cassano stormed off of the pitch and swore at a teammate. At that moment, calcio fans everywhere rolled their eyes, as we’ve seen this kind of behavior from Cassano before.

Following the match, Cassano and Coach Mazzarri supplied identical excuses for the incident. Both claim that Antonio became upset at the fact that he was injured for the “umpteenth” time. Mazzarri went further, explaining that the heated exchange between Cassano and Montella was “a misunderstanding and nothing more,” while Cassano said that he was simply “disappointed and miserable,” and that he doesn’t understand “all of this clamour for my decision to reach directly the tunnel of the dressing room.”

Well, Antonio, perhaps I can help you “understand all of this clamour.” See… you have a long history of acting like a jackass (both on the field and off), and despite the fans’ desire to forget about your antics, you decided to pull one out of the archives and put it on display for all to see. Contrary to what you may think, no amount of skill or athleticism is an excuse for selfishness and/or lack of self-control. Players have been injured before, Antonio, and how many storm off the field in a tantrum befitting a 10 year-old?

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Un Tedesco per Juve? / MirkoTempo / Genoa può Sconfiggere Fiorentina!

October 26, 2007 1:00 am


(A German for Juve? / MirkoTime / Genoa can Defeat Fiorentina!)

Alright! Week 9 of the Serie A season is suddenly upon us, and with all of the noise leading up to Roma’s visit to Milan, a couple things have flown under the radar of most calcio news outlets. (And when I say “most,” I’m excluding, which did catch wind of the story I’m about to share, but which also really needs to get with 2007 and set up some friggin’ RSS feeds! Hey! You too, Channel 4 Italia! How ’bout some RSS!)

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Che ne pensi? (Abbiamo un nuovo stile.)

October 25, 2007 2:35 am

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you!

I messed around with serieAmerica’s look a little bit tonight. To be honest, I’ve never been too crazy about white backgrounds on websites, but I liked the clean look of this style, so I figured I’d give it a go. Also, it fits in nicely with something new that I have planned for upcoming weeks. ;) (You’ll see!)

Anyway, please let me know what you think of it!

Also, If you have any input regarding the Italian post titles, I’m listening! Should they be in English? Italian? Both? Obviously, I want the bulk of the site to be in English, as there are enough websites about calcio in Italian already; I just decided to write the titles in Italian to differentiate serieAmerica from the handful of other primarily English calcio websites that are out there. Plus, writing them is pretty good practice for me, and I can use all of the practice I can get!

Totò con Totti?

October 23, 2007 12:00 am

Until now, I’ve purposely avoided posting transfer rumors, since they routinely consist of smoke and mirrors, frequently served up with a side of exaggeration. In this case, however, the player – not the agent – is doing the talking, and given the names involved, I’m paying special attention:

“Obviously it pleases me to be linked with Roma. However we will talk about this later at the end of the season. All I am thinking about at the moment is Udinese,” said Zebrette striker Antonio Di Natale to the Guerino Sportivo.

“With Luciano Spalletti at Udinese we had an explosive attack with Iaquinta, Di Michele and me. The year after we found things more difficult after Spalletti left.”

While it’s true that at this point, it’s just talk – probably nothing more, definitely nothing less – the fact that Di Natale is in top form now, combined with the fact that he has worked under Spalletti before, has me dizzy with the possibilities.

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Chi arresterà Inter?

October 22, 2007 2:48 am

Thankfully, the train wreck that was Week 8 is over, and were it not for the presence of Napoli, Genoa and Juventus in the top half of the table, I’d swear that we were repeating (albeit roughly) the shenanigans of last season, with Inter in the lead, and Milan doing worse than we’ve come to expect.

While I understand that we still have roughly 79 percent of the season ahead of us (leaving everything wide open, I suppose), the fact that things are looking kinda/sorta like they did last season so early on is a little disappointing.

I mean seriously, will somebody please knock Inter off of their pedestal?

After eight matches, only two teams have even managed to draw with them. Scary, right? With the exception of Fiorentina, Argenti… I mean Inter, is the only unbeaten team in Serie A, and that’s mostly without the benefit of Materazzi’s height.

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Domenech! Grazie per la motivazione!

October 19, 2007 12:11 am

Wow. Just… wow. This guy is a real piece of work! Just when I thought he was done spewing controversy, the coach of Les Bleus, Raymond Domenech, fires a verbal volley in Italy’s general direction. Apparently, earning a ban last time around didn’t result in a more verbally disciplined Frenchman.

Indeed, he’s chosen to continue with his mouth-running, but this time, he’s targeting Italy’s style of play. The funny part is that (and I don’t think Domenech realizes this) if anything, his comments will probably serve to motivate the Azzurri, and if you remember yesterday’s post, you know that Italy can really use an extra motivating factor these days, especially since they learned that they only need 4 points over the next two matches.

So, thanks, Ray! We need more gems like this, if you’ve got ‘em:

“How will Scotland v. Italy finish? A draw, because Italians know how to do that. If I had to bet on it, I would put everything on it finishing level.”

Suuuuuuure. Keep telling our ragazzi that they’re draw specialists, and we’ll see what transpires.

Forza Italia!