Abbiamo un forum!

November 6, 2007 12:29 am

(We have a forum!)

Today, those of you who entered the site from the home page (as opposed to coming directly into the blog) may have noticed a change… or at least I hope you noticed a change.

Yeah… so… we have a forum now, and the home page has the links to reflect that.

Anyway, here’s why I added the forum: I know that there are other (very big) soccer forums on the Internet, and while I do like them, none of the English-language ones I’ve seen are dedicated exclusively to the Italian leagues/teams. While I think it’s cool to discuss Serie A and the Azzurri with people who aren’t necessarily fans, I wanted a place on the web where we could be assured of civil discussion, rather than Raymond Domenech-style accusations. So, here we are.

I know that at the moment, the overall site’s navigation is a little sketchy, and for that I apologize. Please be patient though; I’ll get around to adding the following when I get a chance:

  • There will be a link to the blog from the forum, and vice-versa.
  • The banners on each page will link back to the home page.

Until then, please feel free to register a username on the forum, and post away. (You still won’t need to register to post comments on the blog, but you will need to register to post on the forum.) Yes, it is free to register. (Seriously, how could it not be?)

So, what are you waiting for? Go right in, and be one of our founding members!

(And just so I’m including some non-admin related content in this post, check this craziness out:)

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3 Responses to “Abbiamo un forum!”

michelle wrote a comment on November 7, 2007

Congratulations on the forum, I’m signing up right now. :)

Vin wrote a comment on November 7, 2007

Thanks, Michelle!

I know there’s really nothing there right now, but it’ll take time for people to 1) learn that it exists (I’ll probably get booted if I try to plug it on another forum,) and 2) actually sign up when there aren’t many posts.

Tonight, I’ll probably install some stuff in the background (Google Analytics) that will let me know if people are at least looking at it.

I already have Google Analytics keeping track of the blog portion of the site, and from what I’ve seen most visitors are from the US, and there’s a good number from Canada and the UK as well. (Hi to our friends in Glasgow, who undoubtedly came in looking for stuff on the Scotland/Italy match.) We have a handful of visits from Italy as well, but I think half of them are from my friend in Milan.

Within the US, most visitors are from NY, NJ, MA, VA, and CA. A few from FL and MI have visited as well, and the rest are from all over the place.

Vin wrote a comment on November 7, 2007

Well, much to my surprise, I was able to do the following tonight:

1) The banner/header on the Forum and the Weblog (blog) link back to the home page (not to /blog or /forum, which is what they were doing before.
2) There is a link directly to the Weblog from the Forum and there is a link directly from the Forum to the Weblog.

I’m glad that’s done. Now to see what the hell’s going in calcio-land.