Ancora! Totò con Totti!

November 20, 2007 5:57 pm

(Again! Totò con Totti!)

About a month ago, following an interview in which Antonio Di Natale said that he was pleased to be linked with Roma, I noted that a Di Natale / Totti combination could bring Roma another Scudetto.

Well… I still believe that pairing Totò with Il Capitano could give Roma an undeniable edge [Miyagi]“If do right, no can defense!”[/Miyagi] so, with that in mind, I was pleased to see Di Natale’s name mentioned on today.

To make a long post short (because I’ve already made a case for bringing the player on board) , Di Natale’s agent says that his client isn’t going anywhere in January, but he implies that he may be ready to roll this summer. He concedes that a move would not be easy, since 1) Totò isn’t getting any cheaper, and 2) things are apparently going well at Udinese. That said, he also reiterates that Di Natale likes working with Roma’s bald-is-cool manager Spalletti, and he hints that anyone interested in Di Natale had better start negotiating now.

Do you hear that, Roma? Now!

3 Responses to “Ancora! Totò con Totti!”

chris wrote a comment on November 20, 2007



I’m sorry but for dealing with a nutjob prez, a player who is exploding past his career norms at 30 (in baseball we’d be hearing a lot coughsteroidscough), going to be 31 and command 10-12m…no thank you.


Vin wrote a comment on November 20, 2007

I see what you’re saying, Chris. He is a little old, bit the guy’s peaking now, so I say get it while it’s hot.

I’m all for it as a topic!

(Years edited, BTW.)

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