Non Vacanze!

February 20, 2008 11:30 pm

(Not Vacation!)

I’ll cut right to the chase here: I’m not on vacation. The truth is, grad school is kicking my arse all over the place this semester, which is why I haven’t posted in *gasp!* eight days. To everyone checking in regularly since my last post, I apologize for the lack of stuff to read/click/watch.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like my work load is going to let up until the end of the semester, so it’s possible that I won’t post again until the beginning of May… unless of course something unbelievable happens between now and then, like Roma beating Inter or something equally freak-out worthy. If that happens, check in here, because you can bet your squad’s colors I’ll have some choice words.

Of course, Euro 2008 is this summer, so I will be back in time for the ramp-up to that (worst case scenario) and of course, I’ll still be checking in at the serieAmerica forum. Oh… and as usual, I’ll also be reading Chris’ Roma blog, so you might just see me commenting along with the rest of the Giallorossi faithful over there. Those guys are pazzo.

See you when stuff happens!

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