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Empoli? Stai scherzando?

December 7, 2007 2:16 am

(Empoli? Are you joking?)

Call the neighbors! Wake the family! Empoli, who are currently hanging out at the very bottom of the Serie A table with a goal differential of -13 (as in negative 13), have defeated Juventus in a Coppa Italia match!

To be fair to Juventus, I should note that A) the Bianconeri were without Buffon, Camoranesi, Trezuguet, Nedved, Chiellini, and Zanetti (although Del Piero and Palladino were started), and B) Empoli will probably receive a beat down like no other when the two teams face eachother in the January 16 return leg in Turin.

Nonetheless, congratulations to Empoli, who will henceforth be taken a little more seriously.

Capello to England?

Those visiting serieAmerica from the UK (and yes, there are some who do so regularly) probably know more about this next gem than do I.

I thought that after their last non-English coach, the FA had learned its lesson, but apparently, they’re still courting a non-Englishman for the vacant spot at the helm of the English National Team.

Anyway, I am surprised to see that Capello is still in the running for the job; I expected the English to pick one of their own for the post this time around.

What’s the deal, my English friends? Do you seriously want Capello?  While he’s a good coach, I didn’t think he was your type, especially after Sven!