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Fantasia Cominci Domani!

September 28, 2007 5:34 pm

OK ragazzi, this is a big week, and no, I’m not talking about Roma vs. Inter (although that is a deal of epic proportions, to be sure). Nope. Instead, I’m talking about the fact that Channel 4 Italia’s Serie A fantasy league starts tomorrow! For those who are unaware, this league is organized by UK-based Channel 4, which has a calcio news website and magazine, as I mentioned in my first post. This league is not as robust as the ESPN Soccernet league from a scoring standpoint (for instance, cards/fouls are not taken into account), but like the ESPN Soccernet league, Channel 4 Italia’s league is free to join. That’s where the similarities end, however, because the Channel 4 league gives prizes, which means that there’s actually (gasp) something on the line. I guess if you had a crew of guys that were interested in pitching in a few bucks each, there could be something on the line in the ESPN league too, but with Channel 4, there’s no need to put up any cash to play for your team’s jersey or a trip to Milan to see the derby at San Siro.

So yeah… this is gonna be cool. They have the season broken down into several “Game Months,” with trading periods between each month. Scoring is done on a per-month basis, meaning (I think) it resets after each month. The “manager” (out of everyone who’s registered) that has the highest three months, wins the aforementioned (totally, ridiculously cool) trip, and each month, the person (again, out of everyone) with the highest score for that month gets the jersey of their choice… which is good, because Roma jerseys are freakin’ hard to find stateside.

Anyway, here’s my squad:

GK F. Coppola (Atalanta)
First I had Buffon, but after he picked up a slight knock, I took Napoli goalie Gianello. Shortly thereafter, I realized that Napoli has a ridiculously tough schedule ahead, so I dropped him in favor of Coppola. Atalanta has a less terrible schedule over the next few weeks, and they’ve conceded only 5 goals thus far.

FB G. Chiellini (Juventus)
Juve’s going to have a decently solid defense I think, (which is good, because you’re penalized I point for each goal that’s scored while a ‘back or ‘keeper is on the field), and this kid Chiellini will some day be a star. Also, I Iike the fact that he comes forward on occasion. It would be huge in this league to have defenders that score.

FB M. Pasqual (Fiorentina)
Fiorentina’s defense was rock-solid last season. Actually, they were the best in Serie A. Pasqual was a major contributor there, so hopefully he’ll continue on-track.

CB L. Stovini (Catania)
I was bargain shopping (as in nearly out of money) when I picked up Stovini. He’s a starter at Catania, and their defense is fairly solid thus far this season, so he’s in!

CB A. Barzagli (Palermo)
Palermo had a pretty good defense last season also, and if Barzagli is good enough for the Azzurri, he’s good enough for me.

MF A. Rosina (Torino)
I wanted a midfielder who scores. Enter Rosina. He’s another younger guy who’s destined for star-status, I think.

MF P. Foggia (Cagliari)
This was another bargain basement pickup, but more importantly, he’s another scoring midfielder, according to the scoring sheets. I’m taking a wait-and-see stance on this one.

MF A. Aquilani (Roma)
I love De Rossi, but because this league gives no credit to defensive or controlling midfielders, Aquilani, who has been in top-form, gets the nod.

MF Kaka (Milan)
Now THIS is a midfielder that scores, but damn, was he ever expensive. Hopefully he was worth it. He would’ve been last season for sure, but I’m not Marty McFly, and so I have no time-traveling DeLorean.

ST F. Quagliarella (Udinese)
Quagliarella is scaring me a bit right now, to be honest. He was a phenom at Sampdoria last season, capable of regularly turning, shooting and scoring from almost halfway downfield. He hasn’t hit his form yet, but I’m holding on to him.

ST F. Totti (Roma)
You know who Totti is, or at least you had better know who Totti is. He’s on fire, damnit!

That’s it, ragazzi. Let the cursing, cheering, and panic-induced, illogical transfers begin!