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Lucarelli, Maniche, Bresciano e Foggia

January 2, 2008 11:53 pm

Welcome to my Brazilian-free transfer rumor post!

Why Brazilian-free, you ask?

Well, quite frankly, I think we’ve heard enough about these guys and what they might do. Honestly, if I read one more Ronaldinho/Adriano/Ronaldo/Amauri “article” (if you even want to call the little paragraphs I’ve been reading “articles”), I’ll make like Samir from Office Space and “throw dees piece of sheeet out dee window.” (That would be bad, as I do not have a spare laptop.)
I know, I know. There are recurring rumors published about non-Brazilian players too. I’ll concede that. It just seems, however, like the ones about the Brazilians have been in circulation for far longer. Subsequently, I feel like these guys need to stop partying in Sao Paulo for five minutes and make some *&$%ing decisions.

Alright. Enough about the Brazilians.

Let’s talk instead about big man Cristiano Lucarelli. and are both reporting that Parma and Torino are the two sides that seem most interested, although mentions a few other squads as well, Napoli, Genoa and Milan (yeah, right) among them. Both sites are also saying that we won’t know anything until after January 7, as that’s when the striker returns from holiday. Once he’s back, there are supposed to be meetings with both clubs. As for which of the two clubs has a better chance, seems to think that the big man would rather play for Torino, while is calling Parma’s bid “serious.” Meh. Whatever.

If Project Lucarelli doesn’t pan out for Torino, they’ve supposedly got their eye on the truly promising young’n Rolando Bianchi, who’s currently with Manchester City. Parma’s backup, on the other hand, is Uruguayan striker Pablo Granoche, who scored five goals in seven matches with Serie B side Triestina. (Does anybody else think that maybe these guys should be looked at as more than just backup plans?)

A couple posts ago, I mentioned Maniche, the Portuguese international who apparently wants out of Atletico. Well, Channel 4 is now reporting that he’s still available, although Juve and Milan have been omitted from the list of interested parties, leaving just ArgentInter and Fiorentina. I feel like I’m watching a horse race on this one. Come ooooooooooonnnnnn purple! Come oooooooonnnnnn Viola! Better yet, it’s like the movie The Goonies, when the kids’ houses were going to be bought out by the evil developers, and they had to find the pirate treasure to fund… er… save the day. So… yeah. Fiorentina are like the Goonies, while ArgentInter are the evil developers. (Who’s Sloth? Bobo?)

Just yesterday, I mentioned Aussie midfielder Mark Bresciano (who currently wears Palermo pink), although it wasn’t in the context of a transfer rumor. As it turns out, Lazio are interested. Wait… did I just say that? Lazio? The same Lazio that still haven’t settled Rocchi’s contract (to my knowledge), and who might loseWeight Exercise Pandev? They actually want to buy? All Lazio stone-breakin’ aside, I think Bresciano would fit in well… although that’s not saying much for Lazio, because I think this guy would fit in well anywhere, as he’s versatile and has a work rate that would make Gattuso smile.

Speaking of Lazio, they might want to think about calling back Pasquale Foggia, who’s been out on loan to (and getting into trouble at) Calgiari. Given Lazio’s lack of enthusiasm in renewing their best friggin’ player’s (Rocchi’s) contract, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if they let Foggia slip through the cracks… which Channel 4 thinks is a distinct possibility.

La Notizia – Settimana 15

December 8, 2007 3:20 pm

(The News – Week 15)

[I'm going away this weekend, so please excuse today's brevity/format!]

Alright, we’re still not quite halfway through the Serie A season, but we’re getting there.  Of course, that means we’re terribly close to the January transfer window, and as a result, rumors are flying all over the place.  There’s a ton of news (both real and speculative), and I’m going to do what I can to pluck out some of the more interesting (or alarming) pieces. Here goes:

  • A while ago, I posted something about a well-known German being considered by Juve. Now, it appears as though Juve may be considering an equally well-known Englishman. Interestingly enough, both are from Chel$ea.  The Channel 4 article claims that “just” £700K is stalling negotiations.  Just? Am I the only one that thinks that’s a lot of money?  Tuttosport seems to think it’s basically a done deal, money aside.
  • Boy… it seems that Milan want somebody… anybody from Barcelona. First they’re talking about Zambrotta, then they’re talking about Ronaldinho, then they’re talking about both. Now Eto’s name is being thrown into the pot. My question is, what the hell will Barcelona want in return?  I haven’t read a thing on that. *cough*GiveThemRonaldoForFree*cough*
  • This next one is being filed under “F’n alarming.Lippi is being linked to the vacant England coaching position, and Corriere Della Sera is stating that he’s already “said yes.” In the past, Lippi has shunned talk of a trip to England, stating that it would be impractical due to the language barrier.  Here though, it seems like he’s wanted badly. I mean… Mourinho and Capello visited the FA, but the FA is sending a guy out to Lippi.  Please, England… with all due respect, kindly look within your own borders.
  • This isn’t a transfer rumor [collective sigh of relief], but I found it interesting: Quagliarella says he’s not going to celebrate if he scores in this weekend’s Udinese v. Sampdoria match.  I think it’s a fair gesture, but it’s also easier said than done.
  • OK. This last one has slid under the radar of plenty of news outlets… either that, or they just don’t care: Real Madrid wants Mutu and Vucinic.  It sounds to me that Roma aren’t in too much danger of losing Vuci; Lecce and Roma co-own him, and Lecce is being pretty good about warning big-brother Roma about Real’s prying eyes.  Mutu, on the other hand… 17M plus Diarra? Hmmm…

Brava, Fiorentina!

December 4, 2007 2:01 am

While it’s true that Fiorentina lost to Inter 2-0 at Stadio Artemio Franchi on Sunday, since then, the Viola players and fans (Ultras, actually) alike have been receiving nothing but praise… and for very good reason.

Fiorentina’s coach, Cesare Prandelli returned to the Viola bench this weekend following the loss of his beloved wife, and out of respect, supporters tossed white roses onto the pitch and observed a minute of silence. The most touching gesture however, came from the Fiorentina Ultras, who unveiled this banner:

The English translation of the banner is, “Time will lessen the pain, but if you need her, look to the sky… her star will guide you forever and take you far.”

Prandelli acknowledged the outpouring of support with the following statement:

I would like to thank, on behalf of myself and my family, the Fiorentina fans and the whole city of Florence for their extraordinary tribute, civility and sense of respect shown in these last few days.

As if that wasn’t enough good will for one match, there was a display on-field as well, when the home squad lined up at the exit tunnel and applauded Inter off of the pitch. So well received was the Viola’s exemplary act of class, that the Lega Calcio president is volleying for the custom, which is normally seen after rugby matches, to be observed at all Serie A and Serie B matches.

For showing such respect and excellent sportsmanship on the field and in the stands, Fiorentina should be commended. Brava, Fiorentina, for setting such a meaningful and timely example! May all of calcio follow your lead!

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Mancini! Siete paura?

December 1, 2007 4:39 pm

(Mancini! Are you afraid?)

Woah, woah, woah! What’s with all of the high-profile matches in Week 14? With each of the top five squads facing each other (or Milan), you’d think that we were in some kind of a knockout stage!

Tonight, it’s Juventus at Milan, while tomorrow, Inter visit Fiorentina and Udinese travel to Roma. Now – with those fixtures in mind – take a peek at the upper quarter of the table:

  • Inter – 28 pts
  • Roma – 25 pts
  • Juventus – 25 pts
  • Udinese – 25 pts
  • Fiorentina – 24 pts

(That’s how it looks as of today, prior to tonight’s Juve – Milan match.)

As you can see, Inter’s situation is a little… shall we say… tight?

It wouldn’t be surprising then, if the Nerazzurri coach, Roberto Mancini, was feeling a bit of pressure.

What is be a surprise, however, is the fact that he has decided to verbally undermine Fiorentina’s credentials as a Scudetto contender.

Yep. His exact words were as follows:

“It will be a very difficult match and we need a great performance to overcome this obstacle.”

“Over the years they will become a great side. Although not Scudetto contenders now because with a lot of young players there can be a lack of consistency, if they remain united for a number of years then they can create a winning cycle.”

Roberto, you do realize that up until two weeks ago, Fiorentina were the only squad undefeated in Serie A play (other than Inter, of course), right?

At least he acknowledges that Inter face a difficult test, but his suggestion that Fiorentina “will become a great side… if they remain united for a number of years” doesn’t quite sit right with me.

News flash: Fiorentina are one of the best sides in Calcio, Mancini, and they’re “great” enough to be right on your a**.

His comments make even less sense on the eve of a match in which Inter will be without Vieira, Toldo, and Figo, while the Viola are getting back Ujfalusi, Gamberini, and Pasqual. Not only that, but it’s an away match for Inter, and as of late, when Inter doesn’t win, it’s been outside the protection of the San Siro.

So, is Mancini just trying to wind Fiorentina up, or is this how his fear of finally losing has manifested itself? I say it’s the latter, and I truly hope the Viola can bring the Nerazzurri down a notch.

By the way, I would just like to point out that I didn’t call them ArgentInter anywhere in the post above… but now I need to get it out of my system, so here goes: ArgentInter! A-R-G-E-N-T-I-N-T-E-R, as in Argentina + Inter = ArgentInter!  Now go out and get some Italian players, damnit!  Freakin’ ArgentInter! Damn!

Now I feel better.

Serie A ha rinviato!

November 24, 2007 9:15 pm

(Serie A has returned!)

Aaaaannnd we’re back to our scheduled programming. So, what’s going on, you ask? Well, here’s my best attempt at a round-up:

First off, two matches were played already:

Genoa 0-1 Roma

  • There are actually two things to talk about here. First off, Cristian Panucci (a.k.a. The Old Man) – the guy responsible for the Azzurri’s game-winner in Scotland – saved the day here as well, this time with a header in the 89th minute. Whatever you’re doing, Old Man, can you please get your teammates to start? Thanks.
  • Speaking of which (and this brings me to our second talking point), Roma need to start taking vitamins or something. As Chris at Offside pointed out before the match, to say that Roma has caught the injury bug would be a gross understatement. Injury bear is more like it.

Inter 2-1 Atalanta

  • Everyone, your attention please! ArgentInter fielded an Italian today, when Materazzi came on for Dacourt in the 88th minute. [crowd]Oooooohhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh![/crowd] Thank you. That is all.
  • Actually, that’s not all. I have to point out that Inter got lucky… again. With all of the non-Italians on the team, I’m starting to wonder whether or not there’s a lucky Irishman in the mix somewhere. They are that lucky. If one of them starts riverdancing, or if someone mentions a pot o’ gold or charms of any kind, (is that how they pay for The Great Zaltan and the Argentinian Superstars?) we’ll know something is afoot. Seriously, Atalanta should have at least drawn level. Actually, if you read between Mancini’s words, you can tell that he soiled his pants during the match.

Elsewhere in the Lega Calcio:

  • FatRon is set to return against Cagliari… maybe. Ugh. In the same match, Pasquale Foggia of Cagliari may play the role of trequartista. If there’s any action from the home team, expect Foggia to be involved. Unfortunately, Gattuso will probably scare the poor kid off of the pitch.
  • I fully expect Fiorentina to leapfrog Roma and slip into second place, as they face Reggina tomorrow. If not, the Viola could go on an untimely slide, as they were upset by Udinese back in Week 12.
  • I think Juventus will have a hard time with Palermo, but will come away with the win in the end. Juve will be without Lanky Chiellini, but they’ll be looking to pick up the pace after drawing in their last two matches.
  • Catania are visiting Napoli this week, and although they’re a solid side (relatively speaking), they’re 0-5-1 on the road. That said, I am expecting a win for Napoli.

It sure is nice to have calcio back, isn’t it? I know it was only a couple weeks, but it feels like we were caught in an international wormhole or something. (Speaking of international stuff, the draws for World Cup 2010 qualifying groups are set to take place tomorrow; it’s going to be a busy day.)

Un Tedesco per Juve? / MirkoTempo / Genoa può Sconfiggere Fiorentina!

October 26, 2007 1:00 am


(A German for Juve? / MirkoTime / Genoa can Defeat Fiorentina!)

Alright! Week 9 of the Serie A season is suddenly upon us, and with all of the noise leading up to Roma’s visit to Milan, a couple things have flown under the radar of most calcio news outlets. (And when I say “most,” I’m excluding, which did catch wind of the story I’m about to share, but which also really needs to get with 2007 and set up some friggin’ RSS feeds! Hey! You too, Channel 4 Italia! How ’bout some RSS!)

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