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Brasile ospiterà? Basta dare loro il campionato adesso!

October 31, 2007 12:21 am

(Brazil will host? Just give them the championship now!)

With World Cup 2010 still ahead of us, FIFA has announced that Brazil will host World Cup 2014.

Already, I’ve accepted the fact that the host nation will be among the favorites, and that a South American team – maybe not Brazil, but some South American team – will most likely win the tournament.

While only one South American team has ever won a World Cup on European soil (Brazil won the ’58 World Cup in Sweden. Ugh.), NO European team has ever won a World Cup in South America.

That’s not exactly encouraging for our Azzurri, even though the tournament is still seven years out. While I’m confident that we’ll have a strong squad (lead by Quagliarella in front and Chiellini in the back?), history might be too much to overcome.

(How great would it be though, if Italia could snatch one from South America? Miracolosa!)

Still, if we’re talking about history’s impact on the future, one must remember that since 1970, Italy has made the final every 12 years. Coincidentally, England, and several other European countries are making a run at hosting in 2018, which is *drum roll* exactly 12 years from the epic summer of 2006.

So, if not 2010, then 2014, and if not 2014, then 2018!

Sempre Forza Azzurri!